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Fidelis Firearms instructor is a 35 year law enforcement veteran and NRA / AZ DPS certified CCW instructor providing the in-person firearms training required to obtain an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit.

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NOTE: Don't get scammed! AZ DPS DOES NOT recognize online CCW training programs for issuing Arizona Concealed Weapons Permits.

Quality CCW Permit Training

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Responsibility - Show that you are responsible and law abiding gun owner who received important firearms safety and education training and submitted to a background investigation. Your attorney will thank you! If forced to use your firearm in self-defense you will likely face civil litigation even if cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

Reciprocity - If you ever travel outside of Arizona you will want a permit in order to continue to carry concealed. Currently over 30 states honor the Arizona CCW permit. Without the permit you cannot carry in many of those states.

Restaurants Serving Alcohol - With the Arizona CCW permit you may carry your concealed weapon in restaurants or businesses that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises (you still can’t drink and the restaurant still may have a sign prohibiting firearms). Without a permit you cannot carry in these places at all. That includes popular family restaurants that serve alcohol.

National Parks - Without a permit you cannot take advantage of the right to carry into National Parks within the state of Arizona.

Gun Free School Zones - Without a permit you can not carry your firearm within 1000 feet of a school. Do you realize how difficult it is to avoid 1000 feet boundaries of every school in the state? (Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act)

Gun Purchases - If you have an AZ CCW permit a NICS background check is NOT REQUIRED when you purchase a firearm in Arizona.

Fidelis Firearms is a home-based, Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) located in Oro Valley, Arizona providing dealer & private party transfers as well as firearm selection consulting and online purchase & sales support. 

Specializing in providing service to public safety, military, and veterans. Licensee is a 35-year law enforcement veteran (retired), served in the US Air Force, and is an NRA and AZ DPS Firearms Instructor. Fidelis Firearms believes in legal, safe, and responsible gun ownership and the preservation of the Second Amendment. 

Type 01 FFL -  Dealer in Firearms

(Other than Destructive Devices)

License # 9-86-019-01-6M-15698

Serving Northwest Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, & Catalina

Firearm Shipping: At this time we will only do outbound firearm shipping or transfers via US MAIL. Rifles and shotguns ONLY may be mailed by a non-FFL (private citizen) domestically to an FFL dealer, manufacturer, or importer in any state. These items must be mailed using a class of mail, product, or Extra Service that provides tracking and signature capture at delivery. FedEx and UPS no longer accept handguns or long guns from non-FFLs and have made it extremely complicated for home-based FFL holders. Contact me for further information on your options for shipping firearms.

Ammunition: Fidelis Firearms does not accept ammunition shipments for commerce.

FFL Transfers

Don't Overpay for your Transfers!

$20 for active and retired Public Safety Personnel, Military, and  Veterans of honorable public safety or military service.

Private Party Transfers: While not required, Fidelis Firearms encourages private individuals selling a firearm to another private person within Arizona to conduct the sale through an FFL. This ensures that your buyer is not a prohibited possessor and provides you with an additional detailed record of your gun sale. In addition, it provides law enforcement with an investigative starting point should the firearm be identified as being used in a crime.  Your buyer will complete the ATF Form 4473 and Fidelis Firearms will conduct a National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS ) check on your buyer before you finalize the sale. A fee of $40 per firearm is charged to the BUYER, so notify them of this fee or you may build it into the sale price and pay the fee if you choose. If the NICS Check returns a denial on your buyer there will be a $20 service charge to the seller, but the gun shall not be transferred/sold.

*Please remember, this is not a requirement but may prove beneficial to both you and law enforcement.  

Volume Discounts Available

  Buying Firearms Online

Buying a firearm online is easy and convenient - and no, online gun sales are not some sort of “loophole ” for criminals as they can only be done through a licensed FFL holder and buyers must comply with all required ATF documentation and background checks. Instead, purchasing a gun online is allowable under federal law and is a legal, responsible, safe, and simple process: 

1) Find and buy your gun through any of the thousands of online dealers or auction sites. Fidelis Firearms will gladly assist you with this process if needed. 

2) Advise your online dealer that you would like to have your gun shipped to Fidelis Firearms. NOTE: You must be a resident of Arizona, or a military member on active duty in Arizona, to have a firearm transferred to you by Fidelis Firearms. 

3) Contact Fidelis Firearms with the info on your purchase and we will contact your seller to confirm and exchange license information if needed. *My license is on file with most major firearm sellers. 

4) Once we receive your firearm, we will contact you to set an appointment for you to complete the required paperwork and National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS ) Check. This can only be completed at the FFL's licensed premises. FFL's are prohibited from delivering firearms or coming to you for the transfer. 

5) When you arrive at Fidelis Firearms you will electronically complete the ATF questionnaire (Form 4473, Section B ). We will then conduct the NICS Check if required. (the NICS check is not required if you have a valid Arizona CCW permit - Unfortunately, LEOSA Cards do not meet this exemption ).

     *Legal Notice 1:  Providing false information on ATF Form 4473 is a felony and is punishable by up to 15 years in federal prison. 

     *Legal Notice 2:  Having another person buy and complete the ATF Form 4473 and NICS check for a firearm you are actually buying is also a felony for both you and the buyer. 

 6) Once the appropriate response is received by NICS, or you provide a valid Arizona CCW Permit, and all required ATF paperwork is complete simply pay your transfer fee and take possession of your new firearm. 

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